Ecuador Tobacco

Ecuador produces quantities of high-quality tobacco, for both filler and wrapper, and shade-(Shade-grown refers to the process of being grown under giant sheets of cheesecloth, which keeps the leaves from being exposed to too much sunlight; this ensures that they have a milder flavor. Depending on how long they are aged, their tasting notes can include grass, cream, butter, black or white pepper, coffee, cedar, and many others). and sun-grown. Growers there have been using both Connecticut- and Sumatra-seed varieties tasting notes include cinnamon, earth, floral notes, and a slightly sweet aftertaste). In each case, the tobacco usually seems milder and less robust in strength and flavor than the originals. Its wrapper colors fall between Connecticut and Cameroon, and its silky texture has visual appeal. Camacho is probably the most common cigar brands from Ecuador.

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